I am an emerging illustrator and animator born in London Ontario, and currently living / working in Montreal Quebec. My work incorporates a mixture of analog and digital techniques, exploring new mediums in order to service the experiential and narrative possibilities of animation. 

I have completed my BFA in film animation at Concordia University [2022]. I recieved the Sandra and Leo Kolber award in Cinema [2021], and had works shown at the OIAF, Rendez-Vous Quebec Cinema, and the Toronto Animated Image Society. I will continue to animate forever. 


Spray Fight [2021]

3 minutes - 2D digitally animated short narrative. Spray Fight follows a day spent together by two friends playing a game of setting each other on fire. Premiered at Ottawa International Animation Festival [2021]

Leech [2020]

10 second - 2D digitally animated short . Winner of the 2021 Toronto Animated Image Society’s “Night Terrors” themed ANIJAM. Depicts the events of a nightmare through the use of quick animated camera movements to rapidly move between environments.

Confetti [2021]

2 minutes 3 seconds - A short, mixed-media sound based animated film showing the light hearted and unflattering aspects of night light life during a celebratory event. Made in collaboration with John-Daniel Arauz. Selected for Rendez-Vous Quebec Cinema’s Student Competition Category.

e (mi) [2022]

20 seconds - e (mi) is an experimental audio-visual composition that finds homogeneity through a variety of sound-image relationships.

Cracked [2021]

1 minute 32 seconds- Traditional Graphite with Digital Compositing effects. An experimental documentary with a quasi-micky-mousing technique used in the soundtrack to accentuate the narrator’s verbal articulation as they provide the etmology of the slang word “Cracked.”

Snaggletooth [2022]

Yet to be released - The trailer to a digitally composited and animated short narrative film about the complexities of love and friendhship set in London, Ontario. Script written by Max Sims. Original Musical score and Animation Assistance provided by Joseph Sims.